First and foremost. this is my first post of a short fiction that I have created back in a few weeks ago. This might served as a lore-like story for a longer story that I am currently working on. The theme of this short fiction is mostly on love, bravery and empathy. Hope you readers … Continue reading Bonfire

End of the Lie

A very beautiful piece. The context, it’s unbelievable. -Haise xx All is lost. His armor is dented, cast aside. Caved in on itself. Scorched and torn. Blood gushes from his mouth and nose. And with the suffering, …End of the Lie

A Moment’s Sympathy (An Interlude, Of Sorts)

Challenge for the writers #2 – 1

A very interesting piece about Lucifer Morningstar, Samael, the Lord of the Underworld. Totally amazing! – Haise xx

Hatboy's Hatstand

Day 88. 79 pages, 33,429 words.

For several thousand years, the Greater Burning Fweig Data Routing Station and its huge rich-mirror transfer panels had floated on the edge of the Four Realms environmental envelope. Once upon a time, the station had been the backbone of the communications network between Heaven, Earth, Hell, and the scattered settlements of Cursèd. As the station had revolved, its panels had caught the rays of the rising and setting sun and turned it into one of the brightest and most enduring lights in the Earth’s night sky.

When the big data channels of the Eden Road had superseded the station’s usefulness, it had been decommissioned but preserved as a heritage satellite. Everyone was used to its faithful presence, appearing before the stars of the Playground came out to shine and not winking out until after they had vanished once more into the vault of space. It…

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