Welcome To My Haven

Foreword from Haise Ken Welcome new readers and regular visitors,  this where your journey starts. This blog is for me to write tons of fiction including short and long stories. You can view all of them at the menu at the side as I have categorized them accordingly and systematically. I hoped to grow together […]

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First and foremost. this is my first post of a short fiction that I have created back in a few weeks ago. This might served as a lore-like story for a longer story that I am currently working on. The theme of this short fiction is mostly on love, bravery and empathy. Hope you readers […]

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Strange Mr. No-Fingers

Originally posted on Museless Thoughts:
Hello internet. Before I introduce you the story I’ve written, I’d like to tell you in short how I got the inspiration for it! I’ve been reading a bit of Franz Kafka recently, and one thing that struck me with his writing is how topical it still is in the…

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The Hunting Party

Originally posted on Stories Bizarre:
It was nearly done. Just a little more salt, a pinch would do, Carl Van Olstien admitted as he stood poised over the pot of steaming hot chili, his dark brown eyes glaring with extreme reverie into the bubbly mixture. And so, with that thought, Carl Van Olstien tossed a…

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Blog Update – 7/1/2019

Dear readers, From now on, I will do update post every week for Haise’s Haven to keep track of my blog and also to give ideas to the readers of I am going to write for the week. First of all, What do you readers think about my current theme for my blog? Is it hard […]

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Down in the forest

Originally posted on groovydoughnuts:
The silence of the forest was terrifying. No matter how many times one came into these woods, something different would always happen. Some things were easy to explain, like an earthquake or thunderstorm… and others, not so much. Something drew her to the forest that day. Victoria was going about her…

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At Fate’s End – Chapter 1

If you want to read more:Previous chapter >> PrologueThe whole series >> At Fate’s End   Haise Ken: It’s been a great deal writing this, I hope you guys have fun reading it. Leave some comments and some like if you enjoy this content. Feel free to reblog this too! 01         […]

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