First and foremost. this is my first post of a short fiction that I have created back in a few weeks ago. This might served as a lore-like story for a longer story that I am currently working on. The theme of this short fiction is mostly on love, bravery and empathy. Hope you readers […]

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A Challange for Writers #1

Hi all. I hereby offer all the writers for a challenge! My blog is kind of new and I would like to reblog some of the nice fiction out there for my category “From Others” so that all the readers that come across my site will have more things to read. I personally did write […]

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The Key

This is a challenge from a fellow blogger Sara. But thanks to her idea, I got to write such a story in a short period of time. Not my usual genre. Thanks for reading! -Haise Ken It happened such a long time ago, which it felt like an eternity. It was all vague in my […]

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The Unknown

Originally posted on Sara in LaLaLand:
I look at the clock, it is midnight. For hours now I have laid in bed, thoughts spinning in uncontrollable circles. Categorising is not my forte and so I let these thoughts whirl. If I look close enough into the darkness, it is as if I could almost pluck…

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Carl’s Apartment

Originally posted on Spontaneous prose….:
? My name is Carl, and I exist only in this small confined space.  Some may find it comparable to a prison cell, but for me it is my entire world.  I took up residence here many years ago, and though my voice has grown louder over time, there is…

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Wolves at the Gate

Originally posted on hopesongblog:
Long ago, in a time much like our own, there stood a kingdom on a hill. It was vast and strong, with large fortified walls and guards keeping post. They didn’t guard against invading countries or even against man. Surrounding the bright and glorious kingdom was a wood, and concealed in…

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