First and foremost. this is my first post of a short fiction that I have created back in a few weeks ago. This might served as a lore-like story for a longer story that I am currently working on. The theme of this short fiction is mostly on love, bravery and empathy. Hope you readers like it. Please write me a comment about this story so that I can make wonderful plot twists in the future ( you will never know). Feel free to reblog this and give it a like if you enjoy this. I like communication as well so I will reply as much as I can 🙂

Regards, Haise Ken

Long long time ago, There was a child. A child who lost his father right after he was born. Tiny footsteps, a little by little, this little child grew up slow and slack. He lived with his mother, who gave him all the laughter and happiness in the world.

But there was one day, a day where a drastic change – not really a change, but more like a distortion. It was a foul and an unforgettable morning. His mother went up high, very high, trying to get the kite in the tree for her only love in the world. But the sisters of Fate played tricks, she broke her leg. Her little child was very upset, and because of him, his mother became crippled.

Everything lost in just mere seconds. This was when this little child heard about the Bonfire. This Bonfire will grant any child’s wish if a child finds where the Bonfire is. One wish, just one wish, is enough to bring back all the joy the child once had. This child he managed to find a caretaker for his mother, and he promised that he will repay him by working as his laborer.

Then, he set foot to find the legendary Bonfire, the one that has never been found before. In the journey this child suffered countless nightmares, the Devil himself crept into his nightmares, telling him that the Bonfire was on top of a high skyscraper. It was named the End tower. This boy didn’t know that he was tricked as he wanted to make her mother regain her strength to walk again so badly. He rushed to the tower immediately, without rest, resisting to succumb to his fatigue.

He saw the tower. Up high in the sky. It was so high, that he could not see the summit of the End. He threw away his fear and started his first step. He climbed and climbed. Slipped and slipped. Fell and fell. He could feel his legs trembling with a painful sensation. His feet suffered from countless little wounds as the sharp edges of the stone walls pierce through his skin. And finally, he reached the top of the tower.

The boy grabbed onto a ledge and pulled himself up. Panting, he quickly scouted around the area but there was no Bonfire, only dust, and debris. He took a peek down from the End but he could not see the ground, only clouds, and mist. He started to pant more strongly as if the air had been sucked out from his lungs, the air was getting thinner and he could not breathe.

Suddenly, a gust of icy wind sent a chill up his spine, All he felt was sheer cold, and his hands and shoulder were petrified. The child could see a big shadowy figure behind the heavy mist. Putting one of his palms to slightly cover his eyes from the strong gale, he saw the shadowy figure revealing itself into a bright binding light in an instance. Mortified, the child backed off from the light and lost his footing. The next second, he found himself afloat, and also a pull of gravity.

The child landed his back hard onto the ground, a clear cracking sound could be heard. He could not feel his legs, and he became a cripple too. Now there was a faint sound, a seemingly vicious laughter roamed the air. The child finally realized that it was the laughter of the same Devil that led him to the End, mocking him for being so ignorant and witless. But the child had no choice, he had to try, for the sake of his mother. It was the only hope for his mother’s recovery.

Out of the blue, an old man walked towards his direction and stood beside the injured child. He knelt down and whispered softly to the child, ” I am no help, but I can give you the map.”

The child was still grateful to the old man for giving him the cloth that was so called a map even though he could not help but to wonder how could the cloth be a help to him? It was not a huge and enormous map but just a broken piece of a tiny cloth that seemed to be ripped off in a hurry. The old man placed the map in the right palm of the child before disappearing in front of the child, turning into clumps of grey smokes and flickering ashes. The child clenched the cloth with words written in it that read,

For a wish to be granted, a sacrifice should first be offered.

Follow the thirteenth star to the North, and the smoldered flames shall be unveiled.

He crawled, following the map to the place where he can find the Bonfire. The brightest star in the North will show him the way.

Crawling had been a tough job for him. His dirt-stained white shirt torn and his arms bled, but all that was in his mind was his mother back at home. While the child was lost in his thoughts, he saw a vague presence of a burning pit, flames flicker in a strong manner. Smoke started to engulf the area.

The child was unsure of what he saw, was it what he was looking for? His answer became sure when he heard a melodic voice.

” I can see your thoughts, I can feel them.”

The child became speechless, he was much in awe rather than feeling aghast.

The fire pit continued, ” I am the Bonfire, at least this was what the humans used addressed me. Say, child, you came with a wish, no?”

The child quickly crawled with all his might to the Bonfire and blabbered “Please, I need my legs once again, please return them to me. I have so much more to accomplish…”

The Bonfire interfered before the child finished his sentence, “But what about your mother?”

The child came to realize that both his dear mother and him suffered the same fate.

” Your mother is old and weak, a pair of legs will not give her much help. But for you…” The Bonfire paused, then continued,” You still have years, decades to live on. It will be better for you to have your legs back.” The Bonfire chuckled, ” But a wish is a wish. You shall not bargain nor demand more.”

” Please give them to my dear mother,” The child sighed, he gazed upon the Bonfire with glittering eyes, “Please, I begged you, and I ask for nothing more.”

” Are your mind being blinded by delusions, my child?” The Bonfire said. “Are you sure about this? You could have walk again.”

” I am determined. I am sure of it. Please do so.” The child smiled faintly. ” This is what I came here for, for mother, isn’t it?

The was a moment of silence before the Bonfire howled, ” Very well.”

The Bonfire lit itself up, fiery shadows appeared before him. The colors of the flame were beautiful indeed. The flame danced as the child smiled, now broadly. He looked again at his own leg, caressing it but he did not feel any tingling pain of sorts. He felt nothing.

He had to crawl back to his mother. He turned around and started to crawl. The Bonfire halted him. “Stop, my dear child, your wish comes with a price.”

The child iced, then answered, ” What do you need? “, with a trembling voice.

The Bonfire said,” For a wish to be granted, a sacrifice should first be offered. What do you offer?”

The child said without further hesitation, ” You shall take my life.”

The Bonfire suddenly became a pile of white ashes, then turned into a vortex of red petals, with a hint of the fragrance of rosemary. The colors were red and green, with a touch of olive yellow by the leaves of Autumn

“Unbelievable, child. You were the first to offer your life for the sake of your loved ones, sincerely. You were more than I have expected. I shall not take your life”, the Bonfire echoed. ” Together with your wish, you shall receive my blessing.”. The petals began to surround the child. The child felt an intense force pressing against his body. He felt something scorching hot seared onto his back, like something was piercing through his skin, cracking his flesh and straight into his bones.

For an instance, a loud flapping noise, loud as the thunder clapped, could be heard by the child. The child looked to his back, he found a feathery figure attached from his shoulders to his back.

He had his wings.

He could flap the wings immediately with minimum control. He could control them easily as if he was born with it. He rose into the air.

As he was testing out his newfound ability, he remembered that he should get back to his mother as he was already away from home for too long. But when he turned back and seek the Bonfire and ask what it really is, There was no sign of it anymore. There was nothing but only a piece of cloth.

The child picked up the cloth. It was true, it was a broken cloth, just like the one that the old man gave him earlier.


3 thoughts on “Bonfire

  1. Haise, I found you and your story by way of Paul’s blog sharing post over at “The Captain’s Speech.” I was taken by the power of love in your story and how your character was compelled to go through the hardships he did to reach the Bonfire out of a strong love for his mother. No personal reward expected, no fear so great that he might turn back once he confronted that fear. The payoff at the finish was beautiful. With the quests accomplished an added blessing of his receiving a set of wings was a nice touch—suggesting his actions as being that of an angelic nature. Very touching story. :O)

    Liked by 1 person

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