It had me thinking what’s going on. But then it took a swift turn at the end.

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They say immortality is a gift, but it is, in fact, a curse.

Photo Credit: Pexels – Engin Akyurt

After you turn 197, like me, you’ll realise that it truly is a curse. After a few years of moving to a new country, a new city just so to avoid suspicions. After seeing babies born, grow up and die, seeing parents leave their young ones and pretty old ones. I’ve seen the world evolve – evolve in a sense that new fashion, food, buildings grows outdated and then come back again, claiming to be the new thing, and believe me when I say I’m tired. The endless monotony, the incessant thunder of problems and solutions; all so new yet startlingly familiar.

The thought of aging would freak anyone out, the thought of seeing people die before you, the thought of you leaving others, the thought of not being able to…

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