At Fate’s End – Chapter 1

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Haise Ken: It’s been a great deal writing this, I hope you guys have fun reading it. Leave some comments and some like if you enjoy this content. Feel free to reblog this too!


          Moonfort, a city where the king resides, has just had its first crows at dawn. The sun had still not risen but only showing its dull orange tip at the near horizon. The alleys were still silent as it was the night before and the keepers of shops were just starting to wake while inviting the day with a tearful yawn. Farmers and their wives started to supply stallions and mares hay for the day, and milking the cows for deliveries into the royal palace or different inns around Moonfort. But still, the city is still dead at this point in time.

          Elijah walked beside Vieri courteously along the back alley of High Hills as it was best not to trip over some drunks that were snoring and laying their backs to their comfort against the walls. High Hills was said to serve the best ale and butterbeer, and that had been proven when a few more drunken fellows slowly traced out from the tavern while walking in an uneven pace and not arguably in a straight line. Elijah had gone through the drunks and turn right into another alley, not quite as big as the one before. It was like a maze this part of the city, Elijah thought to himself. He grew up in the city ever since he was born. He still felt lots of unfamiliarity towards the city even though the path he took he already walked them as many times as he could count. Probably it was because the city was huge and new people traveled into the city almost every single day. Vieri fastened up his pace and his black cloak started to flutter. Elijah tried to catch up with him but then he stopped abruptly. Vieri noticed Elijah’s halt and turned around to catch a view on what was going on. He gave a sigh when he saw Elijah was talking to an old beggar that was sitting by the side of the back alley that was sitting with legs folded and dressed with a rough-spun straw tunic.

          “How are you, ser? You got up earlier today.” Elijah greeted the old man politely. The old beggar rose his head and had a good look at Elijah, then he smiled.

          “It’s you again, lad. Good young lad.” The beggar replied, still smiling. He then paused and had another good look at Elijah, he said “I didn’t wake up early, but it was you that came early today.”, and he gave a long yawn.

         Elijah smiled innocently, “I see. Alright then, here you go.”, Elijah said while sliding a piece of copper coin into the rough palms of the old beggar. The beggar smiled, his wrinkles popped as his eyes seemed like thin lines as they closed up. Elijah then turned towards Vieri and waved at him.

          “You should give him a copper too,” Elijah said as Vieri approached. Vieri frowned and wanted to rebut, but Elijah did not give him a chance to. “You have plenty, ain’t it?” Elijah looked at Vieri with hopeful eyes. Vieri knew, if he didn’t do as what Elijah has said, Elijah would either be grumpy or kept on stating out that Vieri was a cold-hearted pile of shite. Elijah unwillingly reached his purse for a copper and tossed it to the beggar.

          “See, I knew you’ve got some to spare.” Elijah smiled brightly. Vieri ignored him and continued down the alley. Elijah laughed and wave the beggar goodbye, then caught up to Vieri.

          “There goes my hard-earn copper. I could have got a nice hearty stew and some salted fresh bread with it.”, Vieri grumbled, his pace was still as fast as ever.

          “But getting coppers were always easy for you,” Elijah started to grumble thus pointing at Vieri’s coin pouch that was tightly slung around his tiny waist. The purse looked to be having some weight to it.

          “Well, that’s utterly true.” Vieri faced Elijah and gave him a smirk. Earning coins for Vieri was never a big deal. Even though he was only twelve birth years, but he was already a well-known Walker of the Veil, not to the public but to the Veilers themselves. To the public, he was an unknown thief, but to the Veilers themselves, his skills were somewhat unreal. Elijah knew that he was one of the notorious Veilers from the very start. Elijah was a climber. He’d climb every single building he knew. No matter how high or low, he’d climb them. When he climbed up the highest building which is the watchtower of Moonfort, Vieri was already on top of it, gazing upon the busy city. That was how they met. Elijah was only two birth years younger than Vieri and that was what made them clicked. Vieri always thought that only he had the capabilities of climbing such high building, he found himself wrong the moment he saw Elijah.

          The pair went through a few twists and turns into alleys and arrived at the watchtower where they first met. Elijah looked up to the summit of the watchtower and wondered why did the tower look higher than the last time he saw them.

         “Ready, Eli?” Vieri too fixed his gaze onto the summit while stretching his limbs. “We need to be swift as possible, or else we will miss the daybreak.”  

          “I will get there first this time,” Elijah replied confidently. Vieri smiled faintly and said, “It’s hard to say for sure, but we will see.” This is a competition, not a friendly game. Elijah had taken time to hone his skills and he had improved much compared to when they first met. Two of the best climbers in Moonfort steadied their feet, preparing for a clash of skill and agility.

        “Now!” Vieri commenced. Both of them propelled forward and jumped towards the ledges that both of their short limbs could reach. Vieri was seemingly faster as he continued to climb swiftly. Vieri kept on reminding himself, ledge then steady my feet, then repeat. He never looked back, only pushing himself upward with all his might. Elijah fell behind at the start, but then he tried to catch up very fast. He grabbed onto ledges and ledges even though the tough brick stones lacerated his palms.

         A moment later, both of them were already almost at the top of the watchtower. Vieri was panting loudly, so was Elijah. Impatiently, Vieri accidentally grabbed onto a brittle ledge and it crumpled in smithereens. Vieri gasped and fell backward suddenly, but managed recovered by grabbing onto another ledge below the one that broke.

       “Are you alright Vee?” Elijah looked down towards Vieri and howled. “Is everything fine?” Elijah asked again. Vieri was taking deep breaths to calm himself from the previous event.

       “I am fine,” Vieri shouted back. “Be cautious of any unsturdy ledges aye? You do not want to fall and break like an egg cracking. ” Elijah looked astonished, but then nodded and continued climbing. Elijah tried his very best but Vieri caught up with him again, and both of them reached the top at the same time.

       The top of the watchtower was not very spacious, at most fitting eight or nine good men at a time. The sides of the watchtower had stone bricks with two-half feet tall as their boundary, with a brazier in the middle of the circle. The boys panted as they pulled themselves up over brick walls.

       “Pretty fun, aye?” Vieri said to Elijah, smiling while the wheezing slowly went away.

       “Aye,” Elijah said. “ Just that you almost fell off.”

       “I was just … just too impatient!” Vieri’s face reddened and he immediately corrected Elijah and that made Elijah laughed. Vieri frowned and wrestled Elijah onto the floor, hands wrapping around his neck and tickled him. Elijah burst into a peal of huge laughter that was hard to even muffle.

       “I admit that you are faster though!” Elijah surrendered, “I admit it!”. Nothing was ever as high as Vieri’s ego, not even the Watchtower itself.

       “Hmm, that’s more like it. I am the best.” Vieri let go of the crazed Elijah that was still laughing and crackling away by Vieri’s tickles. Elijah wiggled on the floor for a brief moment until the sensations subsided. He sat up and took a grumpy look at Vieri. For a moment there was silence, then both of them broke into laughter.

       “Look, the first light!” Elijah jolted up and pointed towards the Sun that was much more brighter than before, more of a deep bright yellow rather than a mellow dim orange that they saw before their climb. The rays of the sun shot through irregular and hard-edge clouds and refracted into spectrums of wonderful colour. No words could describe the picturesque of the break of the dawn they saw.

       “Beautiful, isn’t it? Vieri sighed lighty, eyes locked onto the beautiful event that was too mesmerizing.

       Elijah thought that he saw red and yellow, but after a longer gaze he saw blue and violet. It was a very enjoyable moment for him. Though he wished that this scenery would never go away, noon would never come and night would never befall. He saw flocks of sparrows flying together, as if the birds were dancing to the beauty of the nature. As the sun continued to rose, the light began to feel like mild-scorching ray against Elijah’s skin.

        The sun was too bright then for Elijah to watch with his bare eyes. He asked Vieri, “What should we do next?”

        Vieri kept silent for while and pondered, but then his face flashed with excitement. That kind of excitement that was too suspicious.

       “I know what we should do,” Vieri replied at last. He grinned signaled Elijah to come with him. “Follow me, Eli. This is going to be in every way pleasant and fun.”.

© Haise Ken


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