The Hunting Party

An amusing piece of writing. This is very different from the normal kind of werewolf stories. This is kind of sick chilly at the same time. If you morph into a Lycan and change back to human anytime you want? That’s nice. But if it’s not availing to transform back to human? That truly sucks.

Stories Bizarre

It was nearly done. Just a little more salt, a pinch would do, Carl Van Olstien admitted as he stood poised over the pot of steaming hot chili, his dark brown eyes glaring with extreme reverie into the bubbly mixture. And so, with that thought, Carl Van Olstien tossed a pinch of salt into the bubbling pot of chili–chili just isn’t chili without the extra salt to give it that mildly saliferous flavor. Lifting the tablespoon off the counter, Carl plunged it into the chili powder bag, dug out some more of that hellish spice, and tossed it into the pot. Sparks sprang upward as spice and bubbling liquid made contact. He dug into the bag again, this time the tablespoon was heaping with spice, and tossed it into the pot. Sparks flew upward again.There that should do it…

Wait!He had almost forgotten the secret ingredient. The chili…

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