Strange Mr. No-Fingers

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Hello internet.

Before I introduce you the story I’ve written, I’d like to tell you in short how I got the inspiration for it! I’ve been reading a bit of Franz Kafka recently, and one thing that struck me with his writing is how topical it still is in the current world, seeing that most of it was written over 100 years ago. Especially intriguing to me is his famous story called TheMetamorphosis. This particular short story inspired me to write my own story, which is slightly more light-hearted, to be fair. In my story, the protagonist wakes up one day without any of his fingers. What we as readers see is the same day, when the main character, Mr. Thornwood Goodfellow, decides to visit a doctor due to his strange situation, which is also the reasoning for the title of this story.Enjoy!

Strange Mr.No-Fingers

Mr. Thornwood Goodfellow…

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