About The Author

I was sitting in front of my mum’s little laptop, pondering what to write in this particular section. I have always wanted to start up a blog like this, just for me to write some nice and interesting fictions that I spent most of the time imagining. I would literally just wrestle myself on the floor, or … even talk to myself, in front of a mirror for few nice hours just to let myself imagine the fight scenes, the dialogue and the plot of a fantasy fiction.

Fantasy were always my choice of fiction. In my personal opinion, this type of fiction could easily lit up anyone’s imagination in any split second.

To be honest, my interpretation for my stories may not be the same as the interpretation of the readers. Now, this is why I chose to write this type of genre as how interesting the story is, depends solely on the reader.

My name is Haise Ken. I would like all of you readers to join me on this quest, and let us embark on a journey that will never end.

I will try to update new stories every week.

Thank you for all the support. Love you guys.


” Art is never finished, only abandoned. ” – Leonardo da Vinci