Strange Mr. No-Fingers

Originally posted on Museless Thoughts:
Hello internet. Before I introduce you the story I’ve written, I’d like to tell you in short how I got the inspiration for it! I’ve been reading a bit of Franz Kafka recently, and one thing that struck me with his writing is how topical it still is in the…

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The Hunting Party

Originally posted on Stories Bizarre:
It was nearly done. Just a little more salt, a pinch would do, Carl Van Olstien admitted as he stood poised over the pot of steaming hot chili, his dark brown eyes glaring with extreme reverie into the bubbly mixture. And so, with that thought, Carl Van Olstien tossed a…

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Down in the forest

Originally posted on groovydoughnuts:
The silence of the forest was terrifying. No matter how many times one came into these woods, something different would always happen. Some things were easy to explain, like an earthquake or thunderstorm… and others, not so much. Something drew her to the forest that day. Victoria was going about her…

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Originally posted on She blogs:
They say immortality is a gift, but it is, in fact, a curse. Photo Credit: Pexels – Engin Akyurt After you turn 197, like me, you’ll realise that it truly is a curse. After a few years of moving to a new country, a new city just so to avoid…

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Sea Demons

Originally posted on The Balangay:
Hey guys, I wrote some horror/modern fantasy because a friend tagged me for this Tumblr writing-prompt: “Date a selkie, but don’t hide her cloak because trust is important in relationships.” I revisited selkie lore since the last time I read it in detail was when I was like, twelve, and…

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