Blog Update – 7/1/2019

Dear readers, From now on, I will do update post every week for Haise’s Haven to keep track of my blog and also to give ideas to the readers of I am going to write for the week. First of all, What do you readers think about my current theme for my blog? Is it hard […]

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Welcome To My Haven

Foreword from Haise Ken Welcome new readers and regular visitors,  this where your journey starts. This blog is for me to write tons of fiction including short and long stories. You can view all of them at the menu at the side as I have categorized them accordingly and systematically. I hoped to grow together […]

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A Challange for Writers #1

Hi all. I hereby offer all the writers for a challenge! My blog is kind of new and I would like to reblog some of the nice fiction out there for my category “From Others” so that all the readers that come across my site will have more things to read. I personally did write […]

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