The Key

This is a challenge from a fellow blogger Sara. But thanks to her idea, I got to write such a story in a short period of time. Not my usual genre. Thanks for reading! -Haise Ken It happened such a long time ago, which it felt like an eternity. It was all vague in my […]

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This is merely a fan fiction about Arya Stark based on her POV. I like her a lot, a very good character created by the great George R.R Martin. I tried to write this based on her feelings in a different way. Regards, Haise Ken A long night, had fallen upon the city of King’s […]

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First and foremost. this is my first post of a short fiction that I have created back in a few weeks ago. This might served as a lore-like story for a longer story that I am currently working on. The theme of this short fiction is mostly on love, bravery and empathy. Hope you readers […]

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